Proposal for Hotel Liesma international architectural competition

Proposal for Hotel Liesma international architectural competition

Diagonal 11 Studio
Jurmala, Latvia | View Map
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Hotel Liesma international architectural competition proposal

Diagonal 11 Studio as Architects

Provoked by the program’s demand of a building immersing its guests into the world of music, our design team was inspired by the simplicity and naturalism of musical instrument, notes and staves. Taking view to the pedestrian proximity to the Jurmala’s city centre, the complex’s approach is oriented to it. Considering the existing vegetation the site planning provides big park spaces, pedestrian walks, places for rest and a car park. The volumes of the new representative part are solved in a way, the vegetation outside enters the foyer and lobby and becomes a part of the interior. The new extension of hotel rooms is elevated on pylons so pedestrian access to the beach and between different parts of the complex is assured. The plans of the public service spaces are developed in a way integrating and keeping the independence of separate blocks. The leisure area is planned to be accessed easily by non-guests of the hotel. The new developed hotel rooms and the future extension provides direct sun illumination and view to the sea. Suitable module for the reconstruction of the old part (405 sm.) is used, having in mind the existing construction and the required area for the hotel cells. The same module is used in the new development and in the eventual future extension. Maximum sustainability is pursued using air ducts in the external wall elements. They lead fresh air from shafts surrounded by high raised vegetation. During summer the climate in the spaces is freshened by the air ducts and during winter they lead preliminary warmed air to the heating systems. The planning and façade design also provide maximal energy efficiency.

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Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. United States
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Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. United States

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