Protecting the Juvia penthouse view of Miami

Protecting the Juvia penthouse view of Miami

Charles Benson Architects

Uni-Systems, LLC
Miami Beach, United States



Protecting the Juvia penthouse view of Miami

SEFAR as Manufacturers

Project. Juvia is located on the rooftop of a nine-storey building in Miami Beach FL, and features an outdoor terrace with seating for 60 patrons. The new 10,000 sq.ft. venue exudes sophistication and a clean cosmopolitan design inspired by Miami’s cultural diversity and deco landscape. Together, SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabric and Uni-Systems En-fold provide a perfect solution for both the style and operation of the restaurant.

Concept/Design. At Juvia, En-fold with TENARA® Fabric spans 54 ft. (16.5 m) over an outdoor terrace, ensuring that regardless of the weather, patrons enjoy consistent comfort and a unique view of Miami Beach. Normally out of sight, the awning can be closed to transform the terrace into an intimate, all-weather space. SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabric brings high design and weather protection to an outdoor, penthouse restaurant and lounge. The fabric is non-creasing, durable, translucent (38%), as well as being resistant to discoloration. In addition to this, the En-fold awning with TENARA® Fabric is slightly inclined to prevent rainwater from forming pools on the fabric panels.

Construction. The En-fold retractable fabric roof is a fully automated, motorized system engineered to behave as a true membrane structure, with configurations capable of withstanding winds up to 90 mph (130 km/h). The simple, clean, and strong modular design makes it suitable for a wide variety of locations and applications. The total covered area is 38 x 54 ft. (11.4 x 16.5 m), comprised of twelve 37 x 4.3 ft. (11.3 x 1.31 m) panels connected by carrier beams and supported by two 54 ft. long aluminum structural beams. The system is operated by two belt drive assemblies powered by two 3/4 hp electric motors. The Juvia project was completed in March 2012.

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