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Rotterdam, Netherlands
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MVRDV as Architects

Collection Building is an art depot open to the public. A public route zigzags through the building, from the lobby on the ground floor where a café can be found up to an exhibition space, sculpture garden and restaurant on the roof. On the way up the route passes along and through art depots and restoration workshops. In depots visible from the route, the exhibition can be changed on a daily basis by simply moving storage racks so each visit to the building can offer a unique experience. On three floors the route passes through exhibition spaces which will be programmed by Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. The building - which will store the precious art collection of Rotterdam - will also have spaces not accessible to the general public. For example logistics, quarantine and room for private art collections whose owners can visit their art and even enjoy it in private spaces comparable to the art-equivalent of a sky box. This is a new commercial service offered by the museum. Additionally depots and an office of philanthropic foundation De Verre Bergen will be located in the Collection Building. The roof featuring a restaurant, sculpture garden and exhibition space offers wide views over Rotterdam and will be the new home for the Futuro, the ufo-shaped house of Finish architect Matti Suuronen. The Collection Building will be realised on the northern edge of Rotterdams Museumpark, realised by OMA with Yves Brunier in 1994. In order to spare the park, the volume is designed as a compact round volume with a small footprint and will be clad with a reflective glass façade. This will make the building less visible and allow reflections, the public can see what is happening elsewhere in the park. Where needed the reflection will be lesser for transparency and to avoid unwanted light effects. 40% of the 15.000m2 will be visible or accessible to the public. The building will feature seven different climatic conditions facilitating ideal conditions for art storage, offices and the public. The ambition is to reach sustainability classification BREEAM Excellent.

Art – fully mirrored

Jansen as Door systems, facade systems

With the open exhibition area at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, MVRDV Architekten has created a new type of building – a publicly accessible art warehouse in which all of the pieces can be viewed. The idea for the project was first devised in the early 2000s, as the underground storage area belonging to the neighbouring Museum Boijmans van Beuningen was constantly at risk of being flooded.

The Boijmans von Beuningen viewable storage area is a building that holds a mirror up to its surroundings – by reflecting its surroundings in its façade, the building has an inconspicuous presence. For the installation of the double-curved – and in some places triple-curved – mirror panels, MVRDV Architekten opted for the Jansen VISS SG Façade system solution with the RC4 requirements. The 1664 mirrors, which were arranged in 26 rows of 64 mirrors that stretch all the way around the building, were manufactured in China and installed in the building in a VISS SG RC4 façade. What’s more, the seamlessly integrated automatic sliding doors in the entrance areas are a special solution that is based on a Jansen steel profile system. 

All of the glazed inner façades have been installed in the Jansen VISS RC3 system with a fire protection requirement of EI60 and equipped with heat-insulated Janisol C4 RC3 fire-proof doors. The VISS façades on the roof structure, which house a restaurant among other things, comply with RC2 burglar protection. 

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