Puerto Venecia

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This is an innovative project, with modernity understood as mold-breaking in terms of comfort and quality, an architectural project based on environmental concepts. Located in an exceptional position and well connected with the city centre and main transport arteries, Puerto Venecia offers a new concept in the world of big commercial areas, the "shopping resort", based on the creation of spaces promoting a lasting experience for visitors. From the commercial point of view, this ambitious large-scale project should be seen as a supra-regional centre. It combines various distinct elements, especially with its layout around a lake and more than 25,000 square metres of green areas planted with a broad range of species.

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Making Waves: Puerto Venecia

Rockfon as Manufacturers

In October 2012, the Spanish city of Zaragoza found its way into the record books as home of the largest shopping centre in Europe. With a cinema, an amusement park and over 150 big-name stores, the sprawling 206,000 m2 Puerto Venecia has something for everyone. Cafés and restaurants line a canal that meanders through the complex and an artificial lake sits at the heart of an outdoor activity area.

With water playing such an important role outdoors, how could the designers integrate liquid indoors? That's when the architect team of Eduardo Simarro and Patricia Szimanis at L-35 Arquitectos decided to look up. Simarro explains: "In an area of this size - 200 m long by 24 m wide - where thousands of people gather, achieving acoustic attenuation and controlling sound reverberation is fundamental. For this purrpose, work must be done especially on the 'horizontal' planes since nearly all of the vertical planes are glass windows." They designed the shopping mall with a ribbon of white ceiling rippling down the middle, evoking the ebb and flow of the water in the lake just outside.

At first glance, it's easy to think the ceiling is made of hard plaster or gypsum. Actually it is 3,500 m2 of sound-absorbing Mono Acoustic TE from ROCKFON. More than just an artistic nicety, the ceiling helps control the acoustics of the vast shopping centre. "ROCKFON is a natural choice for its sound absorbtion and aesthetically good finish. It is very easy to work with the products, and the stone wool core is an excellent material," says Mariano Velilla, installer with Europlac 2002.


Axolight as Lighting

The whole commercial complex covers a 83.000 sqm area and houses some of most famous fast fashion brands such as Primark or El Conte Ingles.

In addition to the shopping area, deep attention was addressed to the construction of green spaces and entertainment activities.

A shopping mall that embraces Retailtainment modern concept and where everything is thought to offer a pervasive and funny experience to the consumer.

The lighting in the galleries is given to many Bell red suspended lamps, with their suffused light.

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