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Architectural firm Roos en Ros BV BNI BNA has been engaged in a wide range of architectural activities since 1977. The company has many buildings and interiors to its credit, including the office building of Bolidt Kunststoftoepassing in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. The close collaboration between the two companies has resulted in surprising solutions before, like the floor finish in Roos en Ros’s offices in Oud-Beijerland.

For the floor in the new Rabobank building in Heinenoord, Mr Ros came to Bolidt. They wanted a ‘money floor’ for the Rabobank. A floor that looks as if barrowloads of money have been emptied onto it. A floor with depth. A floor with a dark base that blends into the walls and forms a perfect connection between the hall area and the private consulting rooms. An imposing corridor.

The ‘Bolidt special team’ was called in to look for a solution. This team of people knows how to find a solution to the most innovative wishes. The transparent compounds that were used, provide the floor with depth. A flat surface is thus experienced as three dimensional. The coins have been incorporated into the floor in a very special way, which produces an optimal three-dimensional effect without thickening the floor. A mat finish turns it into a floor that sparkles, but still looks stylish.

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