Raleigh Convention Center

Raleigh Convention Center

O'Brien/Atkins Associates

LCM Architects
Raleigh, United States
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Commercial Landscape

Raleigh Convention Center

O'Brien/Atkins Associates as Architects

In 2004, the City of Raleigh and Wake County jointly conducted an extensive design team selection process for the proposed new Raleigh Convention and Conference Center. The local architectural team of O’Brien/ Atkins, Architect-of-Record, and Clearscapes, Associate Architect, was selected and they then participated in the selection of tvsdesign, as the team’s convention center architectural design specialist. Completed in 2008, the new Raleigh Convention Center, at just over 500,000 sf, is the premiere civic hospitality building in Raleigh and Wake County.

The building is arranged on three levels with the lowest being the 150,000 square foot Exhibit Hall. Above this, at the Salisbury Street level are 30,000 square feet of Meeting Rooms (16 rooms). The third and uppermost level is for the 32,000 square foot Grand Ballroom (seats 2,400). The building occupies a full city block at the street level and rises to a total height of approximately 100 feet. Below the street level, the Exhibit Hall, 12 covered loading docks/ramps and services expand below two adjacent city streets (Cabarrus and Salisbury).

The main entrance on Salisbury Street is organized around a long, grand lobby overlooking a plaza. In the plaza are a grand stairway, fountains, special meeting rooms and retail space. From the lobby, along the adjacent streets, extend two concourses to connect all levels of the building. The materials of the building are stone and brick with gracious amounts of glass curtain wall, which allow views of the activity within the building and panoramic views from the building to the city beyond. The building and landscape design are pedestrian- friendly.

The facility achieved LEED® Silver.

Sustainable design elements: • Brownfield redevelopment - excavation of the west block of the site included environmental remediation of a former manufactured gas plant which operated from the 1870s until 1914, with the removal and environmentally appropriate disposal of the contaminated soil. Additionally, the remnants of a former gasoline station on the east block were removed with soil and groundwater remediation performed. • Water recycling - Water was recycled at the construction site and pumped into sediment ponds for holding and eventual reuse. Recycled water was used for caisson drilling operations, truck tire washdown and dust control on the site. An estimated 4.8 million gallons of water were kept out of the City’s sewer system. • Building demolition recycling - Contractors recycled construction debris. • Water conserving plumbing fixtures • Energy efficiency - high efficiency HVAC system installed • LED light fixtures used in accent signs, exit signs, exterior area lighting and street lights • Occupancy sensors in restrooms

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