Private Houses
Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, India - Build completed in 2017


Parekh Collaborative as Architects

Client's Brief

The brief was to build a ‘House’ with non-air-conditioned spaces for the family of 6 members. The house needed interactive spaces within and outside the house for gatherings, henceforth establishing a connection between the interiors and the garden. A singular lawn area of minimum 300 sq.mt. and multiple informal areas integrated with the house were important to the client.


Architect's Manifestation

The 720 sq.mt. Villa is set within a precinct where various houses are built belonging to the extended family set. The dwelling built with an ecological vision where the climate and client's brief are translated into a ‘House’ authentic both in terms of context and workmanship. The material palette of sandstone and M.P. Teak offer sensual experiences.

A textured crimson block abutting a white mass on the side adds to iconic imagery of the house in abstraction. Private living space and dining area sit in between the informal green courts, creating a spatial relationship of in and out. A dialogue between the house and landscape is generated using Mughal garden patterns. The stone jali which is hand cut on site can be closed for privacy as well as to keep the harsh sun out.

The house is picturesque from all the sides because of ample appreciation space around it. This space is well designed with landscape elements and complements the house exteriors.


Entrance gate to property is framed with a kiosk. The positioning of a contrasting crimson red sand-stone frame around solid timber entrance gateway is a celebration of two naturally occurring materials next to each other. This entrance frame adds a human scale to the front elevation of the two storied mass beyond. A separate vehicular entry guarded with a steel gate is designed to give first visuals of the site. Stone paved pathway directed further to timber-framed pergola creates a sense of arrival to the house. Light penetrating through massive pergola gives the entrance a grand scale and highlights the intricate timber struts. The pergola is covered with clear glass on top to enjoy the rains sitting underneath and also protecting the car park.


Eye travel stops in the prayer room when viewed from the wide-open split door. Formal seating has a backdrop of the transparent prayer room. Living space spills in the dining area which is lit from the off-centered courtyard towards north and open sit-out on the south. Dining space opens towards the garden through louvered bay windows made of teak. The entire space is lit efficiently by the virtue of daylight and well ventilated through stack ventilation ducts.


Indoors achieve a temperature variation of 6-8 degrees around the year adopting various techniques like stack ventilation and double envelope to create insulation.

Natural protection from an existing Tamarind tree also helped us to gain the temperature difference in interiors. Every element within and outside the house are handmade on site with a focus on simplicity and function. The rainwater harvesting tank maintained is used for cooking and daily needs around the year.

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