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Raw Copenhagen apartment in New York style

Multiform as Manufacturers

Couple Susse and Frederik Mortensen enjoy a backdrop of black marble, velour, leather and iron in their apartment in Copenhagen's docklands Sydhavn district.


Contemporary version of Christianshavn:

Just as Susse and Frederik Mortensen were about to renovate their old apartment next to Christianshavn's picturesque canals, they were seized by the idea of living in a modern, two-storey apartment. They chose the newly built apartment complex Kærholm in Copenhagen's Sydhavnneighbourhood, which is situated 70 metres out in the harbour and faces directly out onto the water.


Space for socialising and intimacy:

The light apartment on the seventh and eighth floors has large floor-to-ceiling windows that create a beautiful light, even on rainy days. A large terrace also flanks part of the top floor, which will be inaugurated this summer with outdoor dining and relaxation. The pair wanted to take advantage of the potential that two floors gave them to create a more intimate and private space on the top floor and a recreational space with room for guests on the lower one. This is evident in their interior design choices. " We love the idea of living on two floors. We often have friends visiting, and if one of us needs to retreat for some peace and privacy, we can go upstairs," says Susse. The bottom floor houses an entrance area and an open space with kitchen, dining area and living room plus a combined bathroom and laundry, while the top floor has another lounge and TV room plus a bedroom with bathroom. In the kitchen, a black marble kitchen unit from Multiform grabs all the attention. This was a conscious design decision: " We looked at a lot of photos of Italian marble blocks and fell for this black tone, which has a dramatic, industrial expression with ochre-coloured veins that provide a warm, stylish contrast.


It was quite a project in itself to find a block of the right length to make the surfaces of the kitchen island," explains Susse, who used the remaining marble for the handmade sideboard.The couple worked together with Therese Torgersen from the interior design store Rue Verte in Copenhagen to create the perfect interior and lighting design. The result is a contemporary home with underplayed, relaxed luxury characterised by warmth, smoky tones and a texture of soft velour and leather. In terms of style Therese took the marble kitchen as her starting point, which can be seen as the heart of the apartment. From here, she chose to work with a palette of burnt tones and long lines inspired by the marble countertop, which also reflects Kærholm's architectural lines.


To emphasise the open spaces, she opted for a simple approach in a New York loft style. " I've worked a bit with the texture to create interesting surfaces, which change depending on the light, by using sensual shades in tone colours and natural materials," explains Therese, who has used horsehair, bone, marble, wood, velour, linen, leather and copper.


Cool and luxurious design:

The large, open space on the top floor is equipped with a fire door, which was something of an eyesore in terms of its placement and aesthetics. Susse's solution was to create a glass and metal-framed walk-in wardrobe the full height of the apartment with a metal ladder that not only hid the ugly door but also fulfilled her dream of having a wardrobe. The structure is an eye-catching attraction on this floor, where the cool design supports the style.

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