Reception Center of Chengdu Xindu Cultural Center

Reception Center of Chengdu Xindu Cultural Center

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Reception Center of Chengdu Xindu Cultural Center

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The indoor area of the project is 400 square meters. In conjunction with the irregular and non-traditional lay-out of the building and the park, the layout of the interior along the main axis of the building was determined at the beginning of the plan. "The axis is clear, the plane is flexi-ble, the changes are orderly, the combination of inside and outside, and the level is rich." It is the characteristic of Sichuan traditional houses in the treat-ment of plane space. Sichuan houses are full of local characteristics, flexible and ingenious technology, sim-ple and neat treatment methods, beautiful and natural form.


The traditional functional space consideration of the traditional sales space is cancelled, and the display area, leisure area, negotiation area and coffee and beverage area are flexibly and flexibly arranged, and the flowing and blank space provides customers with a free experience. It is rainy in Sichuan and Chongqing areas. Take the raindrops into the water to stimulate the ripples as inspiration. With the display stand, the ground is divided by a circular metal strip. White stone and terrazzo are used to create a spring rain breeze.


Material Used :
1. CSG & Glass   
2. Hebeixinya & Stainless steel frame     
3. FRITZ EGGER & Wood  

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