Refuncionalización Remodelacion housing

Refuncionalización Remodelacion housing

Schlatter Arquitectura
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Gonzalo Viramonte

Refuncionalización Remodelacion housing

Schlatter Arquitectura as Architects

The original housing is of middle of last century; with fragmented environments divided by doors to corridors turning out to be small spaces without possible inte rconnections. The order was to achieve a housing with spaces to enjoy familiar meetings and occasional guests. Without adding too many square meters since the permanent inhabitants are two persons. The intervention focused in allowing the integration of spaces so many (interior - interior) as (exterior - interior).


The premises; to achieve spaces that by means of small movements manage to shape an integrated space. For it he arranged from sliding opening of floor to ceiling in interior connecting (to be to be intimate) and other one of three leaves linking (interior - exterior) using a gallery revealed as space of transition. The core of services (bath - washer) joins to the space kitchen - dining room by means of the design of constant furniture with inclu ded spit allowing the service so much the interior as exterior turning out to be suitable for different uses of agreement with need.

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