Refurbishment of the Pejo Thermal Centre

Refurbishment of the Pejo Thermal Centre

Pejo, Italy
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Refurbishment of the Pejo Thermal Centre

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The refurbishment of the Pejo Thermal Center is probably the most important one that we performed in the last few years. The center is relevant for its therapeutic virtue and for the number of guests that every year are visiting this amazing village.

Main Goals of the project: - Create a modern envinroment with an extensive research for new shapes and materials that signed a detatchment with the past old-style architecture - Create an envinroment full of light, sounds that fullfit the needs of a guest that looks for relax; - Use the recreational-therapeutic association to create an envinronment that can suits the guest needs 365 days a year. Indeed, Pejo is a well-known location for physical-therapy threatments but it is also amazing for winter sports with its ski slopes. Therefore, the diversity of the guests during the year is notable.

The recreational side of the project: A brand new whirpool realized inside the renovated wellness center that proposed freedomy designed circular shapes, placed side by side with more conventional attractions such as hydromassages, geysers, waterfalls and LED light games that offer awesomeness. Our Technology - A disruptive Innovation This shapes were unattainable with traditional tecniques and thanks to our Pool technology we not onluy guaranteed the results but also we reduced the cost and an easier construction site management. Our exclusive international patent for the construstruction of aboveground free-standing swimming pools is the result of a two years research.

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