Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry

chartier-corbasson architectes
Amiens, France
Project Year
R.Meffre and Y.Marchand

Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry

chartier-corbasson architectes as Architects

The Bouctot-Vagniez Town Hall in Amiens is a remarkable building, an architectural testament to the glories of nineteen-twenties Art Nouveau. Our project is concerned with designing an extension to this unique building, which is home to the Picardy Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

All the essential features of the project are represented in a plinth of living greenery that creates a link between the new wing, the existing premises and the gardens. The offices will be situated above this greenery plinth. They are housed in two separate spaces divided from one another by an atrium that will allow natural light and air to penetrate the heart of the building. Screen-printing technology protects certain perspectives by shading the glazed areas or leaving them clear, according to the needs created by the utilization of the rooms behind. To the south, on the roadside elevation, a double skin of metal mesh allows for ventilation and creates a sunscreen, creating a secluded atmosphere in the offices.

As regards the garden elevation, the design forms part of the existing landscaping as a sort of kink in the boundary wall. The hall opens out as broadly as possible onto the gardens, and the ground floor rises up to embrace a wide panoramic bay window creating a fluid, light-filled space.

The offices are divided into two volumes: • The annex volume focuses all service areas: toilets, copiers, cloakrooms, corridors. The staircase block services is positioned to the front of it, exploiting the immediate view of the hotel. • The main volume welcomes office floors, between the avenue and the garden.

A rift full height between these two volumes allows light and air in the heart of the building. Oriented on south tower of the hotel Bouctot-Vagniez, this rift is crossed by glass bridges leading offices in the service areas. The view from the avenue is possible to the hotel, linking the two buildings, the existing and extension into one project.

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