Rehabilitation Of Alkartasuna Lizeoa School Access

Rehabilitation Of Alkartasuna Lizeoa School Access

IPARK arkitektura

Beasain, Spain
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Secondary Schools

Rehabilitation Of Alkartasuna Lizeoa School Access

IPARK arkitektura as Architects

The main objective and criteria that have been established with the new reorganization, is the improvement and the elimination of all elements that hinder the accessibility, the elimination of the problems of inadequate parking of vehicles, the search for maximum safety for pedestrians and the regeneration of the area to promote an attractive image. With all of this, all urban services affected have been repaired and renovated. It is envisaged the redevelopment and reorganization of the area. Have been built two special canopies: one red and one green, which will be used as a waiting area, as a lobby and a bicycle parking area, which will be the icon of the school.

The public school Lizeoa Alkartasuna is in the north of the town of Beasain, and is accessed from the street foru. The acces is currently used as a "frontón". The ladder has been modified, creating a small open-air lobby that works as a place of wait and it helps for a better control of children. On the other hand, resting on the wall that is created for the new location of the stairs and the existing wall of the pediment, has been designed a cover of 7m x 6.10 m, built of metallic structure and coated by cellular polycarbonate and deployé.

This raises the rearrangement of surface parking, changing the entrance and exit, thus avoiding any danger point and lawlessness in the front of the school.

As mentioned, there is a concrete wall enclosing the park perimeter and separating the pedestrian area, designed as a bench around the perimeter. There will be a baluster on the wall and thus ensures optimum maintenance and offers an attractive image. The objective is to generate a waiting area and a meeting point to regenerate this area and make this area a hallmark. Additionally it was also built a covered parking for bikes. It was proposed to cover it with the same materials and to use a similar image like in the access of the school, creating a dialogue between them. To park the bikes have been designed metallic structures symbolizing the red slug, distinctive icon of the town.

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