Renovation and enlargement of public building

Renovation and enlargement of public building

Community Centres
Fiumaretta di Ameglia, Italy - Build completed in 2012
Sandra Dazzi

Renovation and enlargement of public building

no_made as Architects

The project involved the renovation and enlargment of public building owned by the township of Amelia, it hosts the Red Cross and the Port Authority as well as a multipurpose hall and it is part of the urban regeneration of the village of Fiumaretta. The project planned the relocation of the volume of the multipurpose room on the ground floor, made in an elevated area, and the intervention of extension on the first floor (above the said elevated portion) for the construction of a public room that appeared to be non-existent in the area of the village more necessary than ever and demanded by the population. The construction system is in mixed reinforced concrete, metal carpentry and glass curtain walls. A "stitching" of the existing volumes and project was assigned to a frame of finishing of the external façade elements in laminated wood, larch wood treated with impregnant.

Project team
ZVE Fraunhofer Institute
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ZVE Fraunhofer Institute

Research Facilities
Stuttgart, Germany - Build completed in 2006
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