Renovation historical apartment Amsterdam

Renovation historical apartment Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Michael van Oosten
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The monumental apartment building dates from 1916. ‘Zonnehoek’ in Amsterdam was designed by F.A. Warners (1888-1952). In this apartment building DENOLDERVLEUGELS renovated one of the apartments (225m2). The characteristic parts of the existing building are combined with modern and contemporary elements. In a close cooperation with the client an interior is created that does justice to the monumental building. At the same time it meets the expectations of modern family life.

From the client: Florentijn Vleugels has a very good sense of spatial lay-out and a keen eye for the interplay of lines and symmetry. That was exactly what we were looking for in the renovation of this apartment, a former physiotherapy practice. Cooperating with Florentijn is teamwork. He is creative, has a solution-oriented mindset and thinks along with you. And there is room for your own ideas in his design. This makes the project a joint effort. That is why it becomes really your ‘own’ home. My husband and I had very specific wishes about the lay-out and the use of colours. Thanks to Florentijn these wishes are integrated in the design in a distinguished way. We also wanted the kitchen-diner to be the beating heart of our home. He used the existing structure to create an open and in the same time intimate connection between the heart and the surrounding spaces. When choosing the other elements for our interior, he acted as a perfect sounding board. He speaks the same language as his clients. He understand exactly what suits you and how much room to move you want. He advises the most suitable materials and provides you with names of suitable suppliers. If necessary he visits the suppliers with you or he lets you search and try out yourselves and after which he puts his opinion delicately. Because we had our own clear ideas, this was the ideal form of collaboration. Florentijn and also ourselves are sincerely pleased with this exquisite end result.

The old light shaft was the perfect starting point for the design of the kitchen-diner and it forms the centre of the apartment around which all other rooms are positioned. The clear characteristic structure of the building has been preserved. Monumental hallways connect the various rooms and the monumental alcove with the fireplace gives a historic peek into the past. When in the kitchen you can see through on either side to living room or the backroom, which has a historical bookcase. The backroom is adjacent to the spacious garden. This garden provides a unique oasis of tranquility in the middle of the city. In the garden you can find a studio with big glass fronts where stunning nothern lights provide ideal circumstances for creating art. The clear structure of the interior is completed by a colourful palette of materials, in which geometrical patterns form a central theme. You can find these geometrical patterns again in the wallpaper and the fabrics, but also in the lightening. The structured plan for the use of lightening puts interior, colour, art and characteristic parts of the buidling in the spotlight. The colour scheme is warm. We were not afraid to use bold colours. The backroom is completely petrol blue and has a beautiful soft colour tone finish, with gold, pale blue and green. The interior is warm, rich and full of atmosphere. A comfortable home to enjoy and which matches the owners’ wishes perfectly.

From the client: Our apartment is truly an oasis of tranquility in the middle of the hectic live in Amsterdam. It is spacious, everything is on the ground floor and the lay-out is functional, so our whole family has enough privacy, even our dog. But it also ‘embraces’ you when you are alone in the apartment. In the cosy kitchen-diner we gather as a family, exactly how we had imagined. When you want to watch television or read a book quietly , you can retire to the living or cosy up to the fire place in the blue room. To each his own. The big kitchen island with fire place is an invitation for feasts. The built-on studio with a garden view is a kind of bonus. It is so beautiful light, both in winter as in summer, and so quiet that you can even hear the birds sing. That is when you forget you are in the middle of Amsterdam. I cannot imagine a more pleasant workplace.

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