Renovation in San Esteban de Pravia

Renovation in San Esteban de Pravia

David Olmos
San Esteban de Pravia, Muros del Nalón, Spain | View Map
Project Year
Private Houses
Luis Díaz Díaz
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Tulip chair
Tulip table
Floor lampArtemide
Tolomeo lettura
Armchair, MirrorVan Roon living
Wicker armchair
Ceramic orange sharkAsiatides

Product Spec Sheet
Tulip table, Tulip chair by Knoll
Floor lamp
Tolomeo lettura by Artemide
Armchair, Mirror
Wicker armchair by Van Roon living
Ceramic orange shark

Renovation in San Esteban de Pravia

David Olmos as Architects

In the exclusive whereabouts of Nalón river mouth, the flat’s location was back-in-the-times house of marine village San Esteban de Pravia’s harbour workers, a well-known context within Asturias region. This beautiful spot was recently declared heritage site of historical and industrial interest. We took up a quite partitioned 52m2 flat where rooms had significantly small spaces and rather ramdom layout. The lack of functional criteria was obvious.

photo_credit Luis Díaz Díaz
Luis Díaz Díaz

We understood an entire intervention to be genuinely needed and so reinforcing the possibilities the premises surely offered. With the clear aim of empowering the existent elements, we gravitated towards the building’s concrete structure from which a core frame was developed. This frame not only articulated both day zone and night zone but also offered storage space to match owners’ needs.

photo_credit Luis Díaz Díaz
Luis Díaz Díaz

In accordance with this first zone, and acting as the only partition dividing kitchen and living room, the bathroom area was conformed. The latter shared furniture with living room to which served, and so creating a unifying space was major purpose to this área.

photo_credit Luis Díaz Díaz
Luis Díaz Díaz

Independent yet well-connected with the rest of the premises, bedrooms stand out facing the river course side of the building. Furniture could not be other than a singularly designed one, an option that would bridge architecture and decoration in subtle fashion. The earthly quality of the existing elements gives way to outstanding features of the like of oak tree wood, visible concrete and inspiring whiteness. This array of details is as much structural elements as it is decorative ones.

photo_credit Luis Díaz Díaz
Luis Díaz Díaz
photo_credit Luis Díaz Díaz
Luis Díaz Díaz
photo_credit Luis Díaz Díaz
Luis Díaz Díaz

Material Used :
Dining table area:
1. Tulipe table: Knoll
2. Tulipe Chairs: Knoll
3. Carpet: by Linie Design at Soldecor
4. Candles: Baobab (Trano collection) & Vila Hermanos
5. Leather cushions: in Soldecor by LifeStyle

Living room area:
1. Custom cushions: Made in Soldecor with ALDECO fabrics
2. Wicker armchair: VanRoon living
3. Floor lamp: Model Tolomeo by Artemide
4. Side table: by LifeStyle for Soldecor
5. Mirror: Vanroon Living
6. Ceramic orange shark: Asiatides

1. Bedding: Made to measure in Soldecor with LIZZO fabrics

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