Renovation of a Brutalist House

Renovation of a Brutalist House

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Product Spec Sheet

Bacia suspensa meridien plusRoca
Esquadrias alumínio linha gold IVAlutec
Automação - Sistema LutronArte em cinema
Painel radiatore/esquadrias Sotolli DN100Cinex
Torneira de mesa bica - 1189.Bl100.GL - Jader AlmeidaDeca

Product Spec Sheet
Bacia suspensa meridien plus
by Roca
Esquadrias alumínio linha gold IV
by Alutec
Automação - Sistema Lutron
Painel radiatore/esquadrias Sotolli DN100
by Cinex
Torneira de mesa bica - 1189.Bl100.GL - Jader Almeida
by Deca

Renovation of a Brutalist House

Arquitécnika as Architects

Led by architect Lutero Leme, from the Arquitécnika studio, in Brasília, the project aimed for the revitalization of a Brutalist residence, built in the federal capital in the 70s, originally designed by architect João Filgueiras (also known as Lelé). With 1,968m² of built up area on a 12,000 m² lot area, the intention was to keep the original exposed concrete and its volume, creating current technological solutions. To this end, the style and trait were maintained, but everything else was reconsidered. A challenge, due to the structure of the house.


With only four supporting pillars, the plan has two floors and a large concrete structure with rod-bound roof slabs, which makes the house move up to two centimeters a day, depending on the ambient temperature. This movement was the starting point for the entire intervention project, as the materials had to be prepared for any expansion, without forming cracks or fissures. For this, drywalls and frames were designed with a floating system.


Regarding the old plan, the lack of privacy in the rooms of the residence has always been an observation by the owners. To correct it, the architect invested in new installations and acoustics techniques. Aesthetically, decorative sculpted elements were used to separate rooms and allow natural ventilation. In the finishing touches, exposed concrete, wood, marble and granite.


Lighting, which previously had a dismal appearance, also gained new lighting and automation solutions. All rooms in the house have large glass panels with a wide view to the outside. The living room, with glass room dividers which allow for a 270 degree vision, promotes a beautiful view of the garden, of the whole city and of Lake Paranoá. One of the highlights is the Athos Bulcão panel: measuring 170.8 m², it is the largest piece in a private residence in the world.


The architect also designed and led the construction of a recreation area, previously non-existent, which received a lounge with gourmet kitchen, spa, wine cellar, spacious bathrooms and an infinity pool. Sculptural rotating panels with brise-soleil functions were designed and executed to compose the space. The landscaping was 100% designed by Lutero Leme, who contemplated a 380 meter walking trail, permeated by grass, flower beds, fruit plants, pergola and gazebo.


Another highlight of the project is sustainability. The entire projection of the roof was used to install solar panels (photovoltaics, for heating water for domestic use, swimming pool and spa). Two underground tanks (40,000 liters total) were also built to store rainwater and all gray water after being treated for garden irrigation, and a 6 m³ composting system. To further reduce the environmental impact, four charging modules for electric vehicles were installed.


Material Used :
1 Portobello - Porcelanato gigacer concrete /concreto rope - 27560ET
2 Stobag - Toldo cortina - floatbox - soltis acionamento sensor de clima
3 Concreto - Concreto cristalmix bombeável
4 Alutec - Esquadrias alumínio linha gold IV
5 Cinex - Painel radiatore/esquadrias Sotolli DN100
6 Leila Bessa - Tecidos
7 Marmoraria Alvorada - Alabastro onix / mármore Bronze Armani
8 Sherwin-Williams - Tintas 
9 Light Design - Luminárias ORUS Led 
10 Finestri - Blackout floatbox 85 com zip line acionamento remoto
11 Sonotto - Piso em madeira - ipê
12 Vidro Plano - Vidros de segurança 
14 Rocca - bacia suspensa meridien plus
15 Deca - Torneira de mesa bica - 1189.Bl100.GL - Jader Almeida
16 Vallori - Pastilhas metalizadas / cerâmicas rusticas
17 Bontempo - Planejados
18 Trane - Sistema VRF
19 Arte em cinema - Automação - Sistema Lutron
20 Smartly - Energia sustentável - fotovoltaica/carregadores para veículos elétricos
21 Gadebrás - Estruturas metálicas/serralheria
22 Interbagno - Metais e espelhos antiembaçantes
23 Shopping das Piscinas - Piscina/aquecimento solar - Lago
24 Knauf - Gesso acartonado
25 Snitrit - Triturador sanitário elevatório
26 Jacuzzi - SPA JACUZZI – J495 
27 Impercia - Impermeabilização - poliuréia
28 Isoeste - Telhas termoacúticas

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