Renovation of a house Patio in Santibañez De Valcorba

Renovation of a house Patio in Santibañez De Valcorba

Contextos de Arquitectura y Urbanismo
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Jesús J. Ruiz Alonso

Renovation of a house Patio in Santibañez De Valcorba

Contextos de Arquitectura y Urbanismo as Architects

The renovation process of a house patio situated on Platerias street, in the small Village called Santibañez de Valcorba (near Valladolid); has been raised as the annexation of several pavilions to both existing homes usingdifferent mechanisms of SEWING.

Essentially, the strategy followed has been to build a flat roof connecting both houses. The pavilions were built using RECYCLED MATERIALS: reusing stone from the prior demolition to execute masonry bearing walls. Therefore between 50-60% of building materials were re-used.

The rest is a set of relationships between OPPOSITE CONCEPTSthat generate different formal tensions: lightness / massiveness; opacity / transparency; filled / void or abstraction / figuration.

Inour process ofconfrontingoppositedualities,was essential to establish aneutralplatform upon whichtheglass and masonry pavilions were erected.As well as to achieve the effectof continuityandmeanwhile createaset ofmaterial relationshipbetweenmasonry walls andpre-existences.

The exterior enclosure is opaque, massive. Reinterpreting the surroundings vernacular traditions, being built by masonry and usingtraditional techniques of applying cement typical from the surrounding townships in Ribera del Duero.

Our intention has been to recover everyday symbols and codes represented in walls and gates, stone and cement, privacy and enclosureness. A secretive exterior that, after crossing the threshold, leads to an atmosphere of light, contrasts and transparencies.

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