Renovation of a villa of the early '900

Renovation of a villa of the early '900

Antonio saporito architetture + design
Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy | View Map
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Renovation of a villa of the early '900 in Florence

Antonio saporito architetture + design as Architects

This project was born from the necessity to use, through the lowering, attic areas, inside the building that has been subject to redevelopment .


The areas in question are: The area of the stairs on the first floor of almost, irregular shape, in the project plan and the countertop of all the plans of the first floor used as a living area, that presents irregular shapes, carefully detached from the existing walls, through the use of white metal joints, integrated into the plasterboard as well as to the improvement of the functional services on the same floor, from which obtained wardrobe area, bathroom area and laundry area / storage room, compared to the previous plant, avoid of these areas, except the bathroom area. 


The entire project, is developed along the straight line, essential element from which is generated the entire operation, until the solutions adopted for the choise of particulars and details, with particular attention of the stairs. The connecting project with the attic, was born, ideally, from a block of parallelepipeidale shape, in the space detected, from which is captured is trapezoidal shape existing in plant, that represents, in projection, the stairs, with all its points and its altimetry of steps overlying the work. 


The portion derived from the attic, instead, is originated from the drawing in plant, in particularly, the representation of its section, which ideally generates a shell composed of compositional subtractions and additions of entire volumes. The project: The project consists, in specific way, in the realization of works of renovations and retraining of the functional and services spaces of the utility of the building in subject. The plan of the house has form, in plant view, slightly  trapezoidal, with an average footprint of 11,00x5,60 meters and an exterior private space of about 57 mq., also completely redesigned. 


The house is available from a ground floor from the main street, through a entrance area from which is opened to the entire living area, the stairs and the kitchen / dining area, that is contextualized by the extension, in height, of the old passage existing of separation from the living area to the kitchen / dining area, with a coating of stone in uprights to full height. All the measures of height of the entrance area and the stairs, have been reduced through countertops that have allowed the improvement of the energetic performances of the building, allowing to articulate the functional and  spatial works of retraining with compositional elements. 


A project integrated to the existing that gives force to the new work, with visible solutions able to bring to the interior spaces of new creations more character. The living area is equipped with a new form to the ceiling, that is became a bright compositional element with integrated LED, able to generate sequence of lines and form of the same language, in other area of the house. The new lines, both of the handrail that the countertops (fugati) and the various cuts presents, accompany, climbing to the first floor, to the sleeping area. 


The new stair in wood, iron and drywall, become the true hub of the house. All the project rotates around it, that challenges every aspects of the design, with particular attention to the precise spaces in which are worked. The stair is equipped with 14 rises of which 9 steps and 4 fans, raised included, entirely in massello of beech, mounted in blades, with tubular structure 100x50, plates square,  glues and adhesives soundproofing, with screws (tirafondi) and plasterboards sheets. 


The solution adopted for the metal handrail of the stair, represents, in its simple linearity, a level of harmony and compositional plasticity of great experience. The stair is illuminated from a big skylight that enhances the details, while the space in the plant recovers every centimeter that find in the cross section, with a complete reading of its spatial operation. 

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