Renovation of Hofgut Karpfsee

Renovation of Hofgut Karpfsee

Florian Nagler Architekten
Karpfsee 11, 83670 Bad Heilbrunn, Germany | View Map
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PK Odessa Co

Renovation of Hofgut Karpfsee

Florian Nagler Architekten as Architects

Homestead Karpfsee is located on particularly appealing hilltop premises in the Upper Bavarian foothills of the Alps. The existing facility, unostentatious but appealing, prompts us to undertake only minor interventions in the built environment. Thus the ensemble of buildings is enhanced by altering the layout of the road through the homestead so that it winds gently around the hilltop. This makes for a calm and attractive inner area that forms the heart of the facility.


The buildings themselves, which make a rather modest impression at first sight, prove to be of a high quality on closer inspection. Extensive parts of the existing buildings are therefore retained and their usage altered as required. The guiding idea of our design is to preserve things of quality and character, and only intervene where strictly necessary for the purposes function, structure or space. Hence the almost self-evident integration of the new homestead into the landscape and topographical context, as well as the direct reference to regional building traditions.

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Energy / sustainability concept
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