Renovation theatre Deventer

Renovation theatre Deventer

I'M Architects
Deventer, Netherlands
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Bauporte Design Entrances BV

M plus R interior architecture

Bespoke High Transparency Tall Revolving Doors, Theatre Deventer, Deventer, The Netherlands

Bauporte Design Entrances BV as Manufacturers

Bespoke High Transparency Tall Revolving Doors, Theatre Deventer, Deventer, The Netherlands

I’m architects, has been tasked to modify the Deventer Theatre building and give it a unique look and quality experience.

Due to the transparent high façade, the large lobby on the ground floor is visible from the outside. The generous canopy, tall doors and theatrical lighting gives a welcoming entrance to the visitors.

Bauporte Design Entrances BV designed, manufactured, installed and performs maintenance to the 2 manual Circular Full Vision 2200 MYN TALL revolving doors.

Because of the large amount of visitors passing and standing in the surrounding area of the doors, a manually operated version is the best solution. The doors are composed of glass walls, an opal glass upper ceiling with a minimal framing. Each 3-wing revolving door set has a diameter of 2200 mm, a turning height of 4010 mm and a total height of 6010mm. The upper section of the revolving door cylinder is suspended from the building and the lower section is standing on the floor. One of the solid glass walls is also the night door and can be closed manually during closing times, the “Bauporte NSWM" system. Full transparency is the result.

Deventer Schouwburg

M plus R interior architecture as Interior Architects

Refurbishment and conversion of the entrance and lobbys

The Deventer Schouwburg is the city’s stage, the meeting place for producers and visitors, and as such it’s important that everyone feels welcome. So M+R designed an open and multifunctional interior. The transparent facade makes the large lobby on the ground floor seem like a continuation of the public area. With one theatrical movement the two high revolving doors, which are made of glass, sweep visitors onto the stage. The bar, cloakroom and restaurant are positioned in such a way that the lobby can also be used for presentations or receptions and the like. Also along the stairs there are generous, organically shaped stages/sitting areas that form an integral part of this area. Large sliding doors allow the lobby to be used separately, enabling a more efficient use of the theatre.

The style of the lobbies on the first and second floor has been modified and they have been given a new bar and a raised platform.


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