Renovations an old abandoned sewing factory - Tailoring workshop

Renovations an old abandoned sewing factory - Tailoring workshop

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Renovations an old abandoned sewing factory - Tailoring workshop in Poland as Association

After several months of extensive renovations an old abandoned sewing factory in Katowice gained a new life. Part of the building was adopted and turned into a tailor workshop and showroom - company which produces fashion accessories for men.

The philosophy of the brand are hand-sewn short series of special accessories such as ties, pocket squares, bow ties and foulards. Until recently, this family workshop was based in a private home, and the only distribution channel was online store. New seat was a prerequisite for further development.

From the beginning it was clear that the new location must combine manufacturing and sales functions. The old sewing factory spot is located in an interesting street, which develops in design and cultural direction. In the immediate vicinity there is Geszeft – a showroom promoting Silesian designers, the Film Art Center and a niche store Stereo Design. Good company helped to take up the challenge which proved to be the revitalization of sewing factory neglected for years. Although its potential could be felt from the very beginning.

Approx. 100-meter area is divided into two zones. In the main, sales and office zone, the greatest taste turned out to be the built-up mezzanine and production residues such as hooks, hangers, lamps and clothes. Most of these elements were kept. They serve as a reminder of the long history of the place, which for decades saturated with tailoring crafts. The second zone is a tailoring workshop, a space dominated by machinery and storage racks.

The longest phase of the renovation was demolition and dismantling works. The shape of the place began to emerge only after taking out three large containers of debris. The room, which previously was divided into five smaller rooms has become one open space. The space is lit up by two shop windows in the front and two large windows in the back. This provides ideal conditions for presenting products and everyday work. Most of the things associated with the company take place there. The workplace is not isolated, it is a part of the sales area. This allows the clients to have contact with the process of product development and to learn about the company "from the inside".

Joanna Krajewska Godziek – Owner

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