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Restaurant Diverxo

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Restaurant Diverxo

Cosentino as Manufacturers

For the interior design project, the aim was to achieve ...

The aim was to create a space that would offer a unique experience to diners, a space that would impact everyone. To do this, the new DiverXO has become a fantastical place of creativity, a space where different motionless creatures such as flying pigs, silver ants and colourful butterflies accompany diners from the moment they arrive until they leave.

As the chef himself says: 'This new DiverXO is the dream world of David Muñoz and has imagination, fantasy and creativity at its heart. Everything we do regarding DiverXO – not only at the restaurant but for all the concepts that make up our XO world – is based on fantasy and therefore the décor is in keeping with the leitmotif that imbues all our projects'.

Creating a fantastical and creative environment is not incompatible with elegance and beauty. These two concepts clearly define this new world of DiverXO and they are achieved thanks to the fabulous décor and carefully chosen materials throughout offering clean lines and attention to detail.

To achieve this goal, three 'by Cosentino' products were used: the ultra-compact surface Dekton, colour Domoos, can be seen in the impressive central open-cooking area of the spectacular lounge-dining room that captures the eye of curious diners as it is where each dish is finished before serving. The kitchen – the heart of the restaurant – also features Dekton. The colour Zenith was applied for the worktops used by Muñoz and his team, and the colour Sirocco was used for all the flooring and wall cladding.

Silestone's quartz surface, thanks to the purity offered by the colour Blanco Zeus, gives each and every table in the dining area character, providing the feeling of infinity that Muñoz was after. And last but not least, the majestic beauty of natural stone in its purest state was used for the toilets where the wall cladding and the flooring, as well as the three bespoke basins, are of White Macael Marble.

'What I love about these products is not just the feeling of calm they offer so that the element of fantasy can flourish, but also because they provide a sense of infinity, something very important to me. If you look, you'll see that the Silestone tables and the Dekton central dining table, the worktops and kitchen walls all have a feeling of something infinite, something endless, and in the end, the concept of the DiverXO experience is a bit like that: it's a roller coaster you get on and it shakes you up, you know when you've gone up but don't know when you're coming down... because you might even leave the restaurant and you're still up there....', says David Muñoz.

The most decorative feature of this project

The most decorative feature achieved at DiverXO is based on having created a completely and truly fantastical creative space with wonderful touches of beauty and purity, and with clear nuances that give an experiential sense of infinity.

Why was Dekton® ultracompact surface used for this project?

From an operational standpoint, Dekton brings a number of unique technical features to the reception counter, to the central open-cooking area as well as to the restaurant trolleys and the worktops, walls and floor of the kitchen. What should be emphasised are the safety and hygiene offered by this material when food is in contact with it, a vital requirement for food professionals.

But there are many other features that make Dekton the ideal material for this space where daily usage is pretty intensive; examples include its ability to withstand both the cold and heat without changing aesthetically or mechanically, and high resistance to abrasion, stains and scratching.

But we must not forget the aesthetic aspect of the materials; Dekton colour Zenith: pure white, the calming, delicate matte finish of the dark Dekton colour Domoos, and the naturalness and simplicity of the grey Sirocco Dekton tone, all offer unique and incomparable finishes and beauty. Aesthetic quality and technical quality come together in a single product, providing an exclusive and long lasting guarantee.

Why was Silestone® quartz surface used for this project?

The colour of Silestone's Blanco Zeus is synonymous with purity, beauty and a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness, all fundamental points for David Muñoz's 'XO décor'. If to this we add the extraordinary technical characteristics of this material such as its high resistance to stains, impact and scratches, and its low absorption of liquids and exclusive bacteriostatic properties, Silestone becomes the perfect material for this project. An exclusive and unique ambiance has been created in the lounge-dining room thanks to its use for the 17 tables.

These same features, added to the fact that it was possible to design bespoke corners, were also decisive for the use of this material for the hygienic skirting board in the kitchen. Here, the Silestone colour Aluminio Nube combined perfectly with the grey and white Dekton.

Why was Scalea® White Macael Marble used for this project?

Its calming look and perfect beauty together with its inalterability and guaranteed hardness, strength and durability are features that are valued by architects and designers. They are valued because time has proved that all these characteristics are true of this material – characteristics that dovetail perfectly with the dream world of David Muñoz that is reflected in DiverXO.

The advantages that Dekton® offers a restaurant are:

There are many advantages that make Dekton ideal for use in restaurants and in places with high levels of foot traffic. Dekton has, among other excellent technical characteristics; very low water absorption, high resistance to stains and scratches and performs well in situations involving both heat and cold. In addition, its aesthetic and design properties make it extraordinary as Dekton can recreate any type of material with a high degree of quality. These characteristics, together with the possibility of producing Dekton in a large format, make it possible to adapt this material to the creativity and versatility of modern architecture.

Dekton offers seamless surfaces and spaces, without limits and without joins, that can be applied in large format for both indoor and outdoor spaces: bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, exterior walls, flooring and paving, swimming pools, gardens, etc.

The advantages that Silestone® offers a restaurant are:

Silestone offers restaurants innovation with three exclusive finishes, a wide range of over 60 superb colours, and incomparable physical-mechanical properties. Silestone surfaces are extremely resistant to stains, impact and scratching, they have a low liquid absorption rate, have exclusive bacteriostatic properties making them very hygienic, and they can be manufactured in large formats. All these features make Silestone a versatile material for any architectural project for the restaurant world.

Although its most widely used application is as a kitchen and bathroom surface, where it is a world leader, Silestone is the perfect material for many other applications such as for laboratories, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other professional uses.

The advantages that Scalea® White Macael Marble offers a restaurant are:

Scalea is the creation of products found in nature and encompasses Cosentino Group’s range of natural stone. Scalea is a new way of understanding and working with materials. It is a commitment to innovation, creativity, the most advanced design and to improving the product’s performance. In addition to slate, travertine, basalt and granite, Cosentino Group offers an outstanding product; traditional White Macael Marble, from the town of Macael in the Spanish province of Almeria, the home town of the founders of the company.

Natural stone offers any architectural or design project a touch of the beauty that nature has been offering us for centuries, in addition to high technical properties. White Marble Macael specifically embodies the qualities of strength, appearance, durability and the highest guarantee that offers safety, comfort and beauty required not only by establishments in the restaurant industry but also by other projects and sectors.

Owner, chef and type of cuisine offered at DiverXO:

Owner and chef: David Muñoz

What type of food is offered? According to David Muñoz, 'everyone who comes to my restaurant will find even more of David Muñoz's world than ever; when people open the door they will understand that they are not entering a restaurant but entering the dream world of David Muñoz.'

Each dish is presented as if it were a real canvas, recreating a three-dimensional painting with myriad nuances. The restaurant offers two tasting menus, different for the quantity of food and number of dishes; the Xow menu and the Glutton Xow menu. Both combinations offer cuisine imbued with uniquely creative sensations, designed by a genius, devised by David Muñoz.

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