Restoration building in Aviano

Furlan&Pierini Architetti as Architects

The works include the restoration and partial reconstruction of a structure, known as the "chapel", that the existing texts of a historical nature is cataloged as a "temple Lombard" or "early Christian chapel". The historical and archaeological insights give us the ruins of a traditional house typology due to foothills Veneto-Friuli, equipped with a porch (south side) of circular hearth (north side) and adjoining pigeon (southwest side), part curtain building of which there are surviving buildings to the east and west. The first batch of project involves the reconstruction of part of a building curtain to the north-east, through the restoration of the ruins existing building called "chapel" and the adjoining pigeon: the ground floor, a room open will be used to place for small concerts and/or events of a public nature; the environment of the first floor is outsourced to a local association. The grounds of the existing building in the northeast corner is turned into a small public square, but did not find objective evidence for its reconstruction.

House on the Cliff
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House on the Cliff

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Alicante, Spain - Build completed in 2012
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