Restructuration - Time's Coffee Bar extension

Restructuration - Time's Coffee Bar extension

Shops and Bars
Acireale, Italy

Restructuration - Bar extension

Armando Viana Martins (AVM.A) as Architects

The project is developed through the existing structure in the storic center of Acireale. Are two commercial spaces. One works as a Coffee Bar. The other space is now a warehouse. The client want’s to extend this coffee bar using the other commercial space. One of the main objective is not only enlarge the consumption area but also rehabilitate the existing space. The project is divided into two zones, which are distinguished: • House Number 213: existing commercial area, where does the bar / café • House Number 211: existing commercial area, which serves as warehouse / store the current coffee shop / café. In the 213 we proceed to a rehabilitation of existing, keeping to the functional organization exists. On the ground floor you keep the balcony, with all equipment existing redoing the area where the windows are cold / hot. it is expected also a maintenance / replacement of existing walls and floors. the plan upper (Mezzanine) no change. All the equipment and plant are to maintain. In the 211 the proposal wanted to increase the space of consumption creating a balcony window, keeping the geometry created the new opening in the wall north. Are expected replacement of floors, new coatings of existing walls, creating a dressing room, adapting the existing bathroom.

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