Revitalisation of the synagogue in Chmielnik

Revitalisation of the synagogue in Chmielnik

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Świętokrzyski Shtetl

Nizio Design International as Architects

The key creative premise of the „Świętokrzyski Shtetl” Museum is the reproduction of the multifaceted cultural and social life, where the architectural context will become the central space for the activities of Chmielnik’s residents. The project is inscribed in the context of two masses: the symbol of light – a modern exhibition that brings back the times of the pre-war Shtetl, and the symbol of shadow – an outdoor monument referencing to the remembrance of the Shoah. The refurbished 17th-c. synagogue will give room to a theatre, a prayer room with the characteristic glass bima and a conference room. The minimalist nature of the exhibition will perfectly harmonise with the story of the former Jewish town. Such a synthetic form – determinant of the present together with the history of the shtetl- gains a new harmonious dimension.

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