Revolving table for a ready built small home

Revolving table for a ready built small home

Yuki Miyamoto Architect
Setagaya, Japan
Project Year
Private Houses
Yuki Miyamoto

Revolving table can be gradually changed freely according to a suitable distance of family.

Yuki Miyamoto Architect as Architects

The table was designed to suit the need of the owners who newly bought home in Tokyo. They wanted a big dining table where the whole family can eat together and spend time to communicate with each other. However the dining room is too small, It only measures 10sm. Therefore, I came up with a design of 2 pieces of circular tables which has a smaller top that revolves open to living room with a smooth rotation mechanism.

The bigger top table could serve as the main dining table. For parties or kid's play time or artwork, the lower smaller table could be drawn out as an extension table and retractable when not in use to save space.The total size and shape and each other’s angle of 2 table can be gradually changed freely, therefore family comfortably sit and communicate in a suitable distance to each other on various situations.

The big table measures 1.6m in diameter. and 0.72m in height,made from Oak. And the size of the small table is 1.1m in diameter ,0.65m in height,made from white birch plywood with Melamine-surfaced. The 2 tables shared one leg as the central axis with rotating mechanism.These 2 tables shared one leg as the central axis with rotating mechanism supported by a wooden nut.

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Product Spec Sheet
Melamine laminated sheet on table
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