Rio City Tower

RNA Rohde Nixdorff Architektur as Architects

RCT is not only a tower. It‘s self-awareness is to be a connector not a single landmark. The concept of RCT though, is not to compete with the multiplicity of spectacular and world famous icons of Rio de Janeiro but to become a joined symbol of the quality of a multi cultural contemporary and global acting metropolis. Position and structural geometry are creating a confluence point of trajectories in the Rio bay and reinforce the existing urban fabric. -Rio‘s new gate emerges. With its lush hills and exuberant natural surroundings and urban structure, Rio de Janeiro appears to be an interface of cultural and natural datum. RCT is fusing these mayor parameters by self evidently merging its shape and structure with the natural topography of the surroundings but remaining its autonomy by reflecting in program and function the faciality and man-made character of the prosperous and vibrant metropolis. Geometry and design are generated by connecting eight elementary urban attractors of the Rio bay and projecting them on the island of Cotunduba. These geometric trajectories are transformed into a loop above the summit of Cotunduba and creating the mayor and clearly visible volume of RCT. Emerging structure and shape of RCT appear as natural expansion, of both, the contextual topography of Rio de Janeiro and its artificial urban fabric.

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