Roof construction Bellariastraße, Vienna

Roof construction Bellariastraße, Vienna

BWM Architekten und Partner
Bellariastraße, 1010 Vienna, Austria | View Map
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BWM Architekten / Photo: Christoph Panzer

A terrace becomes a conservatory.

BWM Architekten und Partner as Architects

Luxury flats with high-quality interior and exterior spaces in heritage-protected architecture.
A loft in a centrally located residential building was converted to create three premium freehold and rental flats with outside spaces. The building is part of a historical ensemble between the famous Ringstrasse and the Natural History Museum. The flats all have a conservatory that affords a spectacular view of Vienna’s historical centre. The large hinged windows, which can be tilted outwards to open fully, add extra space to the interior and create a connection to the outside without interfering too much with the roof landscape of the heritage-protected building.
Lighting and ceiling heights are the two main challenges when converting a loft. Sufficient natural light sources and spaciousness are, however, key components of a well-designed layout.

Dachgeschoßausbau mit 3 Miet- und Eigentumswohnungen mit Freiräumen in einem unter Denkmalschutz gestellten Wohnhaus in Innenstadtlage

BWM Team
Erich Bernard, Ferdinand Bischofter, Silke Schmitz, Elena Romagnoli

Project partners
Arbeitsgemeinschaft BWM Architekten und Partner & Rollwagen Partner Architekten

Implementation planning, Side supervision
Rollwagen + Rollwagen

Window planning
MDE Metal Design Engineering GmbH

Building phyisics
RAAB-Engineering GmbH

DI Ernst Ringsmuth



Gebaut 2010,Vienna

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