ROOM. Showroom

ROOM. Showroom

Villareal, Spain
Diego Opazo

ROOM. Showroom L'Antic Colonial. Porcelanosa Group

Fran Silvestre Architects as Architects

This project consists in generating two hotel rooms in order to be produced in series, as an industrial design. To do this, all different brands are coordinated to show a coherent atmosphere: the finishing touch, the furniture and different materials that make up hotel space.

More from the Architects:

The presence of vinyl material in various applications, such as floor and walls, allows the continuity between different spaces. It is emphasized by the furniture and its lighting, which, through a single gesture provides different bedroom solutions, embracing a black cube of glass that houses the server spaces.

The modulation and resolution of all elements, with the minimum number of materials, helps a quick execution, maximum precision and maintenance, allowing an easy standardization of spaces.

Hotel space based on the Contract concept.

L'Antic Colonial, Porcelanosa Group as Suppliers

This project showcases the design of two hotel rooms to be produced in a series as industrial design. Not normally associated with high-end hotel concepts, vinyl is used here as a design material in various applications throughout, from floors to walls, allowing for continuity between different spaces.

This particular vinyl material used here, being Limkfloor Roll flooring and decoration, simulates a plaited textile, and is well suited for this type of space thanks to its strength and ease of installation on floors or walls. The vinyl in its different forms - sheet, roll or tile - can adapt to adapt to different situations as can be seen in these two hotel rooms.

More from the Manufacturer:

In their remodelled exhibition, L’Antic Colonial has created a unique space based on the Contract concept.100m² divided into two rooms, simulating a hotel environment. It has been a joint effort between Systempool, Noken, Gamadecor, In-class and Vibia.It has been designed by Fran Silvestre Architects and Alfaro Hofmann and features Limkfloor Roll flooring and decoration.

The project was inspired by a desire to create a hotel atmosphere using a compendium from various commercial names.Different sensations come together to create a restful ambience: an aroma, a tune, a flavour, an appearance, the combination of lights and shadows etc.

The use of vinyl in different applications, such as floor and walls, provides a continuity between different spaces.Continuity emphasised by an item of furniture and its lighting that, via a unique expression, unites the furniture from the different rooms, embracing a black glass cubicle, that houses the serving areas.

The modulation and resolution of all the elements with a minimal number of materials facilitates rapid execution, maximum precision and daily maintenance, which in turn allows standardisation across spaces.

This vinyl material, which simulates a plaited textile surface, is ideal for this type of space thanks to its strength and ease of installation on floors or walls.Its different forms (sheet, roll or tile) adapt to every situation as can be seen in these two hotel rooms.

L'Antic Colonial’s Linkfloor vinyl flooring family has been recently expanded on the occasion of the 22nd Global Architecture International Show. These new models from the Contract series are characterized by their innovative 2 x 10 meter "roll" format. It is a system that makes the installation of Linkfloor even easier.

The line maintains the same technical features as the other Linkfloor models; resistant to abrasion, to the impacts and effects of water, chemical agents, and stains, and it comes ina surprising roll format with 2,000 mm of width and 10 meters of length that speed up the installation process.

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