Rotterdam Nesselande Cultural Centre

Rotterdam Nesselande Cultural Centre

Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Stijn Poelstra

Gemeente Rotterdam Gem Bibliotheek, Cypruslaan 408, 3059 XA Rotterdam

aatvos as Architects

Rotterdam Nesselande Cultural Centre

The Netherlands, 2008. Rotterdam Nesselande Cultureel Centrum. How to stuff too much functions in little space and to become happy.

Situation Here’s a limited amount of floor space, and put in a restaurant, a small hotel, a café, a library, some learning rooms and a theatre. And don’t forget the offices, too!

Target Create a new blend of functions, let them interact and intensify each other. Make it look simple and logical and don’t let show there actually is too less room.

Action Forget individual lists of needs and demands. Make one together instead. Focus on customers rather than employees. Discover a new blend of functions, tools, furniture and embrace interaction as a solution.

Result A library like no other. And a cultural centre like no other. Functions gently nestle against one another, creating a exciting cultural maze you don’t want to escape from.

Did you know? This building seemed to small indeed. But stacking offices on top of each other provided just the space needed to leave enough room to breath for all individual functions, blended in a cocktail no one had expected. Too bad not every building is too small!

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