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Russian Lounge, Kennedy Center

Russian Lounge, Kennedy Center

Sergey Skuratov Architects
2700 F St NW, Washington, DC 20566, USA | View Map
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RCG Architects

Russian Lounge, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

EverGreene Architectural Arts as Contractors

EverGreene artists and fabricators created more than 100 acoustic panels, with a custom plaster finish, to be installed in the newly reconstructed lounge donated by Russian philanthropist Vladimir Potanin. The Russian Lounge joins other reception rooms dedicated to other foreign entities such as Africa, China, and Israel.

The artistic vision for the lounge reflects design elements and aesthetics found in contemporary Russian culture. In collaboration with Russian architect Sergey Skuratov, EverGreene created a unique custom plaster finish which addressed both aesthetic and acoustical concerns. Colors were harmonized to match the commissioned murals by Russian artist, Valery Koshlyakov.

The Russian Lounge is unique among EverGreene’s projects and complements our historic work. Here, we exercised our contemporary design aesthetic to serve the minimalism rendered in the architect’s plans. Our artisans, trained in traditional techniques of sculpture and well-versed in the practical requirements of plaster installation, met the design challenges to create and fabricate these 12’ x 30’’ plaster panels.

To achieve the custom plaster finish, additives were sprinkled into the panel mold after which the wet plaster was added. The additives react to the water within the plaster, which results in a fizzing, bubble-like pattern in the face coat, giving it a unique, textured finish. The integrally-colored panels also contain a variety of aggregate that causes a sleek metallic sheen to the plaster’s surface.

Material Used:

There are two main components to the panel system:

1. The aluminum frame - 5/16’’ angle secured to the backing wall

2. The panel - broken into 3 components

-natural fiber and gypsum structural panel 1 1/4” thick 12’x30” typical

-integral color and aerated surface with mineral flakes

-scagliola style applied finish and polish

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