Ryde Hub Precinct

Ryde Hub Precinct

Ryde, Australia

Ryde Hub Precinct

MASS Lab as Architects

The Building will take place in the plot of Civic Center of the city of Ryde, with 9600 sqm. There are two different scales on the site, one on Devlin Street, with the eleven stories high Ryde town Center, and other way, smaller, referring the small housing units on the extension terrains of Blaxland and Parkes Street. It was therefore essential to fade this caustic change of scales within the same urban perimeter but at the same time avoiding the loss of unit or compromising the surrounding context. In addition, it was important that this solution would represent a landmark in the city, since it would combine multiple uses of which can be distinguished the Town Hall. Hence, the volumetric shape starts from the idea of a tower over a podium, an high-rise profitable construction grouped into various functions and uses, in a gradient of public to private. Finally, the ideia was to create a big public square, diverse, plural and qualified, that could serve and represents a community from its citizens to its municipality.

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