Salazar Valley Multipurpose Center

Salazar Valley Multipurpose Center

Gutiérrez-Delafuente architects
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Salazar Valley Multipurpose Center

Gutiérrez-Delafuente architects as Architects

The Multipurpose Centre of the Valle de Salazar is an initiative of the Government of Navarra, framed within the Strategic Development Plan of the Pyrenees. It was designed to give the Valle a joint center for business and public facilities to centralize services to businesses and the community.

The Centre is an activation node for the Valle de Salazar scale, which is the scale of its lineal infrastructures (Salazar River and the NA-178 road), so that the building is considered an INFORMATIONAL LANDMARK that stands out ON THE EDGE OF THE ROAD in order to reach the principal goal: IDENTITY AND VISIBILITY.

The program has a hybrid nature, and comprehensive public (multipurpose area and public administration of the Valle) and private (commercial and industrial uses) functions. This is made possible through a TYPOLOGY designed around a sequence of three stripes with a changing section, which is very flexible for future functions and transversal connections.

The Centre is precisely inserted into the landscape and the local CONTEXT through the following devices: the use of a traditional pitched roof structure of the Navarre Pyrenees, employing the industrial typology from the surrounding area and capturing the natural qualities of the Valle de Salazar landscape. Finally, the building is integrated into the site through the three materials applied: steel sheets (industrial context), pinewood (economical and cultural context) and the local limestone (local and sustainable context).

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Refurbishment of a town house

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