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Salle Polyvalente – EspaceArboisDuranne

Salle Polyvalente – EspaceArboisDuranne

Atelier Stéphane Fernandez
Aix-en-Provence, France | View Map
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Olivier Amsellem

Salle Polyvalente – EspaceArboisDuranne

Atelier Stéphane Fernandez as Architects

The construction process always leads to a modification. The question of the natural, architectural urban landscape allows to relate the construction to its development in the time.

Thequestion of thestructureishereanimportantpoint. A logicclose to landscape, to the light and to thestructure.

Itallows to draw a link betweentheexisting and changinglandscapewithalso a notion of effectiveness. Thestructurewillprovide to themulti-purpose hall theability to deliverthedifferentgoods. In thisway, theparticularity of thisprogramisthemulti-purposeoption. A specialattentionwill be taken to thestructurestudies :efficiency, cost-efficient and multo-purposal.

Weprefertheliberation of bearingpoints to allowtheusers to developthemselves. Thequestion of developmentwill be a keyelementduringtheapproach.

The pre fabricationservices are promoted :interestingcost-efficient. Thistechnicimproves a cleanbuildingsite. Thespeed of realizationisalsoanimportantpointwhichcreates a minimumincidenceonitsenvironment.

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