Sansheng Riverside International Sales Center

Sansheng Riverside International Sales Center

Fuzhou, Fujian, China
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Sansheng Riverside International Sales Center

C&C Design Co., Ltd as Interior Architects

Fuzhou as one of the earliest open trade port in modern China and the gateway of Maritime Silk Road,it has a strong historical and cultural heritage and modern living atmosphere.The project Fuzhou Sansheng Riverside International Sales Center, it is located in Minjiang Riverside, overlooking the mountain and forest,the scenery may be thick or thin ,virtual or reality ,they are set off each other. (French:Rien de plus cherque la chanson grise.Pas de couleur,rien que la nuance.)(Latin:Item poema loquens pictura,pictura tacitum poema debet esse.)

Designers get inspiration from the landscape , while focusing on the city interface and the continuity of the base to maximize the use of river view

resources for the principle,the line of horizontal flow naturally stretches in space,plan out the various space functions and moving lines reasonably. The horizontal lines and carefully crafted images, like horizontal landscape paintings of traditional Chinese paintings. One step makes a difference in a multidimensional continuous space, showing a different angle of beauty.This space narrates naturally in opening and closing, mobilizes the mood of the visitors, use the physics of the "convergence effect" to achieve future diversion of personnel,meets the function while maximizing the rich sensory experience.

"White" makes the space full of clever and exquisite quality,create a constant sense of space beauty as the slight changes in light. It is like the "White space" in eastern painting, "White space" gives the viewer room for imagination. Although the modernist design originated in the West, but it will eventually fuses the local cultural background and the formation of "Localization" precipitation.

Design Director : Peng Zheng

Main Design : Peng Zheng、Xie Zekun

Interior Design : Xie Zekun、Zheng Jinxuan、Zhu Yunfeng

Soft Decoration : Xu Shuxin、Gao Yingying、Ma Yingkang、

Design Team : C&C DESIGN CO.,LTD.

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Location : Fuzhou, Fujian Province

Design Date : Octorber, 2016

Completion Date : May, 2017

Design Area : 2000m2

Primary Sources : marble, black stainless steel, white polyurea paint, black mirror, GRG, bronze aluminum composite board

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