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Suspended between land and sea, the landscape of the project is the lagoon of Venice. It is the landscape of a physical and mental journey through a territory that has been saved from the real estate speculation that has recently ravaged Italy. The project tries to tie together all the landscape elements: existing military constructions, traces of the farmland, the beach system and the infrastructure system which links the island to Venice. The project aims to reconstruct the complex system defined by the Massimiliano Tower, its embankments, the docks, the public landing, the beach and the farmlands insinuated between these elements, with these primary objectives: -the preservation of the monument as testimonial of a unique military defence construction; -the construction of a system of infrastructures that today guarantee the functionality of these spaces assigning specific but complementary roles to all the new constructions. The north-west bord: the urban public space at 'Testa di Ponte' All the streets, the bridges, the docks follow the design principles used for TMCC: -the same materials are used for the same levels of the island earth: stone for the parts which can not be reached by the flood, brick for those of special uses (squares, markets, ect..), wood for the parts whose role is that to link again water and earth. Streets are made of white asphalt and their borders are designed by bricks and tamerixes. TMCC is linked, on one side to the terminal ‘Testa di Ponte’ by a streight white street, which is a memory of an ancient railway track. A park has been designed in the area of the 19th century 'Testa di ponte', which has been connected by a bridge, to the new terminal with a small first-aid hospital, two covered docks and a parking area. The basis of the covered docks is stone made. A brick wall rises up and a plumb covering concludes the public building. The other parts of the building are again made of wood as well as the brise-solei which faces the brick surface of the square where the boat terminal arrives. The lighting system of all the public spaces of the island is designed with white thin lights the tops of which are illuminated during the night.

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