Sardinna Antiga

Sardinna Antiga

Sardinna Antiga s.n.c.
Santa Lucia, NU, Italy
David Conteddu and Tina Corda

Sardinna Antiga

Sardinna Antiga s.n.c. as Architects

Sardinna Antiga is the first organic and eco-sustainable village of Sardinia. Totally immersed in the uncontaminated nature, amaze its guests with the scenic beauty and the originality of the site with its unique dwellings. These, calls "pinnatu" or "pinnetu" or even "pinneta", hark back to the ancient nuraghic huts.

We rebuilt a village of "pinnattoso", which was inhabited until 50/60 years ago, respecting the original location and using the nuraghich method, integrating modern craft techniques in accordance with local regulations and employing absolutely natural local materials, also used by ancient peoples.

There are no sewers, replaced by a constructed wetland, which avoids pollution. The old house take up the ancient concept of dry-stone wall, covered with branches and twigs. Inside they are very spacious and divided into multiple modules from one, two or even three "pinnatoso", which make up the double, triple and quadruple accomodations. Everyday will be given mountain spring water stored in earthenware jars and organic products for body care, created almost exclusively with home grown plants harvested by hand. The linen is handmade, precious plots enriched with drawings made on the footprint of those archaic, using natural fabrics dyed with herbs.

Our guests will be delighted by a very hearty breakfast with organic, fair trade and, where is possible, 0 km products , as well as vegetarian, vegan and celiac food. In the future we will also open a restaurant that will meet the same standards.

We can also organize trips to archaeological sites and natural parks of Sardinia and there also the possibility to use the bike sharing service and reserve yoga lessons, even outdoor.

Nearby, besides the beautiful sea and mountain, you can take advantage of various equipments: horse riding, sailing, kite-windsurf and diving school and the port, where you can rent boats and take the motorboat to visit all the coast and the sea caves.

The village is located between the countryside and the sea of Santa Lucia of Siniscola (locality "Sa Petra e S'Ape" in a solitary valley. There is an unreal silence, broken only by birdsong and the sounds of wild animals, who patiently host us in their territory. The night sky is spectacular, it seems that one can almost touch with hand the stars and the moon that illuminate the valley. The village is surrounded by 7 hectares of Mediterranean flora, an organic vineyard, an organic olive grove, an organic vegetable garden and a synergistic one and a pond.

The natural environment has been left almost intact and we have planted over 4000 new plants.

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