Saul Zona 14

Saul Zona 14

Taller KEN
5 Avenida 10-86, Zona 14, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Project Year
Andres Asturias

Saul Zona 14

Taller KEN as Architects

This project is a two phase combination of a menswear store and thirty-table café/ restaurant in an small commercial plaza surrounded by green space. In order to connect these different programmatic needs, we conceptualized project as a house+garden. This model allowed us satisfy our client’s needs and create a layered experience of fashion design, art, objects and dining.

To emphasize the identity of the client as a menswear brand, we gave the main building the appreance of being covered with a pliable fabric where the door and window frames appear to be literally pushed out of the building. In reality, the exterior surfaces are covered with custom fiberglass panels with a plaster stucco finish to achieve the smooth and stretched look. The openings also connect to the surrounding architectural heritage of Guatemala City- namely the deep ornamental window niches of the preserved Spanish colonial buildings and the expressive decorative elements of surviving Art Deco examples.

The exterior terrace also was developed using an interpretation of local craft tradition. The colorful canopy, made of 1000 pounds of thread hanging from a steel structure, is a nod to the natural production techniques still used by indigenous people in Guatemala. Ultimately this seemingly decorative element is highly pragmatic; acting as both a solar shade and sound absorbing surface which makes the space cool and intimate.

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