Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa
Fernando Guerra
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct link
ManufacturersLevantinaTechlam® Blaze Dark
Windows, Curtain wallingTechnal
Brick SlipsCeramica Vale da Gandara
Sanitaryware and tapsCifial
Interior Glass partitionsItalbox

Product Spec Sheet
Windows, Curtain walling
by Technal
Brick Slips
Sanitaryware and taps
by Cifial
Interior Glass partitions
by Italbox

Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa

RH+ Arquitectos as Architects

The project is determined by the commitment to the place. The architectural object is located in the escarpment overlooking the sea and assumes its aesthetics, a situation that has proven to be a technical challenge with a great landscape importance.

Due to its location and its rustic surrounding, the hotel’s body has an irregular configuration inspired by the traditional terraces of Madeira. Like these terraces – that reshape the irregularity of the territory throughout the definition of platforms meant for farming, whose construction is possible by stone walls – conceptually the Hotel intends to mimic these structures in the way its floors are arranged and connected to each other, seeking to dilute its presence by becoming part of the mountain itself. This concept comes to life with the definition of a deconstructed volume built in concrete slabs, which sometimes approaches and other times distance themselves from the rock formations, redefining the topography of the place.

By including as much plants as possible, not only in the roof but also in the balconies, another important part of the hotel’s image is defined, resembling once more the typical terraces that take part in the landscape of the island.

The five-star hotel has 181 rooms, has a Gross floor area of ​​11 610m2 from which 6720.00m2 are green spaces. The interior design is based on the ‘boutique hotel’ concept, with wide open spaces and clear views of the sea, seeking to create a sophisticated space with a close connection with the natural elements and based on the sea/mountain dichotomy.

To complement the accommodation the building also comprises two outdoor swimming pools, two indoor pools, spa and fitness club, two restaurants, a panoramic bar, a room reserved for events and two auditoriums. There is also an extra space – a museum -, whose collection is dedicated to saccharine production tradition, which gives the motto to the hotel.

Material Used :
1. Techlam by Levantina - ceramic material
2. Cifial – Sanitaryware and taps
3. Technal – Windows. Curtain walling
4. Cerâmica Vale da Gândara – Brick Slips
5. Italbox – Interior Glass partitions
6. Widinglass – Decorative glass
7. Starpool – Spa Equipment
8. Bindopor - Signs

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