School Extension in Riom-Parsonz

School Extension in Riom-Parsonz

Pablo Horváth
Riom-Parsonz, Switzerland
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Pablo Horváth as Architects

The post-modern nature of the gymnastics hall from the 1980s manifests itself in the pattern of quadratic windows. The «shed» roof and the exposed concrete are reminiscent of the 1970s. The typology and geometry of the hall has more in common with local barns and stables, than with other municipal buildings.

The extension provided the opportunity to physically attend to this aesthetic situation. The new “head” reshuffles the relationship between the extension and the existing building. With its lofty volume, the schoolhouse construction, which is embedded among the other village houses, emits an air of self-confidence. The old hall construction is subordinate in the architectural hierarchy, and the village receives a clear vertical conclusion at the edge of the settlement. The materiality and characteristic details of the old building are reflected in the new extension; thus, the two historical styles merge into an entirely new entity. The outer casing of raw concrete joins the two parts of the construction with no visible transition. The existing quadratic window-elements determine the strict pattern of the extension’s façade. The row of staircase windows, on the gabled façade, is somewhat staggered, enlivening the side facing the valley.

The interior rooms can be accessed via the slightly raised arcade. With the integration of spruce wood and exposed brickwork, an atmosphere referencing the founding years of traditional building has been created. The path from the village to the schoolhouse, and from the past to the present, leads to the contemporary classrooms.

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