Semi-Detached Houses in Calçada dos Mestres

Semi-Detached Houses in Calçada dos Mestres

Orgânica Arq.
Rua 1, Calçada dos Mestres, Lisboa, Portugal | View Map
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Private Houses
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Semi-Detached Houses in Calçada dos Mestres

Orgânica Arq. as Architects

The adjoined houses are located in Calçada dos Mestres in Lisbon, where the Aqueduct of Lisbon crosses the neighborhood towards Alcântara valley. The project consists of refurbishing the existing houses while introducing a new spatial organization according to the present day life.


Onto the morphological identity of the whole we propose a dialogue that was missing with the site, in particular the Aqueduct, the Monsanto Park and the Tagus river. From the interior compartments, windows are opened till the height of the floors, and adapt to multiple directions according to the inflections of the walls. These openings are like mechanisms that capture frames and offer special moments of the landscape and, at the same time, in reverse extend the house outwards.


The two houses are distinguished by the colors of the entrance doors and the flower boxes.


Material Used :
1. Cortizo - Cor 70 Folha Oculta CC16 RPT
2. EtexGroup - Equitone Natura
3. Coelho da Silva - CS Plasma

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Products used in this project
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct name
ManufacturersCS Coelho da Silva, S.A.
Cor 70 Folha Oculta CC16 RPTCortizo
Equitone NaturaEtex Group
Product Spec Sheet
Cor 70 Folha Oculta CC16 RPT
by Cortizo
Equitone Natura
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