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An open kitchen counter where the height difference of crossing L-shaped counters creates good habitability

INVI inc. as Designers

「SENTIAMO」 is an innovative fusion restaurant stores in  "small Edo" Kawagoe .
The name of the restaurant is Italian, and the three meanings of "listening", "feeling" and "connection" are included in this one word.
We designed the theme of "a harmony" between the open kitchen counter and the seats, and the space where you can feel food and drink with your five senses.

When the door is opened, the artist's image of a chef by the artist, Mr. Yuya Hashizume, is impressively displayed at the entrance.
Step inside While looking at the turntable and record collection and you'll find symbolic floating glass lighting and a dynamic walnut open counter.

The open kitchen counter has a skip floor that crosses the counter top plate to create a private space without making other customers conscious of it.
 The upper counter that is raised the floor by 650mm overlooks the kitchen, while the lower counter flattens out the walnut top plate and
 the artificial marble cooking top plate so that you don't feel a distance from the chef.

By thinning the edges of the kitchen counter ceiling, the floating ceiling makes the space lightly harmonize.
We designed two private rooms and a terrace surrounded by plants as a space for enjoying an aperitif or a dessert after dinner. 
For the logo, brass cut letters are used to create a design that makes people feel the connection between people.

We designed a harmonious space by using different materials of the monotone color tones, such as the plastering finish with shading, the uneven clay wall, 
and the tiles that make us imagine a rusted iron plate, and using similar materials for the seats and the kitchen.

We expressed the world view of  「SENTIAMO」where you can experience the original pleasure of food with your five senses.   Takeshi Saito

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