Seurat – Figure in Space

Seurat – Figure in Space

element GmbH
Frankfurt, Germany
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Seurat – Figure in Space

element GmbH as Architects

The exhibition “Seurat – Figure in Space” is dedicated to the French Neoimpressionist Georges Seurat and his paintings and drawings, in which he devoted great interest to the subject of the figure in space.

The works are quite variable when considered in terms of type, dimension and coloration, ranging from sketches and drawings to small-format studies and large-scale oil paintings. The installation, presented in a long and narrow exhibition room, presents the heterogeneity of his works and at the same time links individual works together.

The spacial installation establishes a fluid spacial continuum, which is animated by discontinuities in the sightline. The resulting perception of undulating walls allows for the discovery of various themed alcoves, which have been created for interrelating specific works or groups of works. In spite of the length of the room and the linear arrangement of the works, differentiated spacial identities and spacial tensions could thus be created employing changes of the sightline and perspective as the observer walks through the room. The openness of the rooms nevertheless allow for an intimate contemplation of the works. The dark coloring of the walls creates a uniformity in the installation as a whole; through this uniformity the heterogeneity of the works is emphasized and at the same time each individual work becomes highlighted. The lighting concept also conforms to this demand of emphasizing the importance of every work and therefore avoids a strong general illumination in favor of punctual accentuation of the individual works.

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