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Shankh Residences

Shankh - crafting interiors and soft furniture as Interior Architects

The apartment is a large 4800sqft of empty canvas, a builder's grand apartment with flooring, ceiling and services all in place and order- waiting to become a home.

As a home for an interior designer exuding warmth, elegance and vibrancy is brought in through wood in its pure dark form and colour coordination. The entrance is lined with Jaisalmer stone ' buch' work that conceals the lights behind and prevents the wall from getting dirty. A puja niche is too adorned with Jaisalmer stone on two walls and bricks on floor and the front wall.

The drawing room is furnished with two sofa sets, one in emerald green, the other being in blue sapphire that are finished in silk and jute fabrics. They are placed in a manner that creates an angular seating to fill up the space and jolt the senses into seeing something different. A big carpet endows it with an angle and warmth to an otherwise open and bland space. Furniture is added on the periphery of the carpet, making a cohesive and a cosy seating for all. It is stylized with centre tables and bench made up of logs having straight cuts, burnt and oiled. One of the wall is designed usingfew scattered vertical wood sections and has cork and oil by an artist on it. The other walls have partial use of wallpapers, paintings and frames keeping the cost within limits. An opulent scheme is given to the whole area by adding curtains in gold jute.

An attempt has been made to keep the colour scheme of the drawing-dining complementary using precious stones. The Dining area has tradition fused with modernism in the form of carvings that turn into script and copper artefacts used as inlays in a straight-line wall panel cabinet. The ceiling light panel too holds a collection of eighteen inverted copper vessels assembled in a straight line, which have bulbs inside them. The dining table and chairs, carved out of dark oak wood are given polish and sand blast treatment. Tall ruby red chairs are finished with Jamawar silk upholstery and highlighted with pearl white fabric.

The most relaxing corner in the apartment is the sitting area in the bedroom which is full of sunlight and has a window looking out in the greenery. Colourful furnishings adds life to it and the wall adorns a book rack which holds prestigious collection. It is accompanied by a wall with a collage of family pictures. The headboard of the bed, a slab of light oak wood has an eight feet long glass study table at the back which also acts as a working table with lots of space. This luxurious table is moulded out of glass to give it a very open and light look. Working on the table gives direct view of the television and the greenery from the windows. Another noteworthy piece in the room is a Sofa cum Bed-The BED BOOK which is used as an accent. Treating the Sofa like a closed book and the Bed as an open book, this dramatic piece of furniture is manufactured in vibrant colours and geometric shapes that gives it a very catchy appeal. The thick armrests transform themselves into bedside tables increasing its utility.

This residential apartment has a vibrant aura and energetic vibe attached to it making it quite aesthetic.

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