Shenyang University Complex

Shenyang University Complex

Emergent Architecture
Shenyang, China

Shenyang University Complex

Emergent Architecture as Architects

Urban Concept This building complex is comprised of a vocational school, an international student hotel, a large swimming pool, and a large restaurant. The site is bounded to the west by Wanghua South Street, on the south by North Yunhe Canal, and on the east by an elevated train connecting to Beijing. The site is very loud and the traffic is fast and dangerous. Therefore the primary design consideration is to create a protected, elevated space for students above ground level. A Roof Sanctuary is created by unifying the swimming pool and cafeteria programs. The two low-rise towers of the vocational school and the student hotel book-end this green roof and provide an additional feeling of spatial boundary and protection.

The Roof Sanctuary is a lively space, featuring many types of shade plants and ground-cover, as well as water-features, views down through skylights to the cafeteria and pools, and a nested space housing a Tea-room for relaxation. The roof surface folds up onto the tower facades, uniting the complex into a whole. A variable pattern is used to articulate this surface, transforming locally to provide windows, structure, and ornament. The void between the roof surface and each tower becomes an indoor/outdoor winter garden space.

Building Concept The restaurant is oriented to the street and the Sports Arena based on pedestrian traffic patterns and logical points of entry. The swimming functions are located to the rear of the site and can be accessed from the north entry or from either low-rise tower. The rear of the building is reserved for support functions and the kitchen and includes separate delivery docks for each building off of Linhe Road.

The International Student Exchange Center building has its main entry off of Wanghua South Street with an automobile drop-off zone. From the lobby, students can go up to their rooms or wander over to the cafeteria or swimming pool. This building has a southerly orientation, with views back to the center of Shenyang.

The Vocational and Technical College Building is accessed from the roadway underneath the elevated train. Similarily, students can enter the cafeteria or swimming pool without going outside which is ideal for winter months. This building also has a southerly orientation, and views out over Shenyang University.

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