Shimigiah Residential Apartment (Double Side)

Shimigiah Residential Apartment (Double Side)

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Shimigiah Residential Apartment (Double Side)

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“Double Side”-Shimigiah Residential Apartment was a building with no residents for years. At first, the new owner had decided to make some minor alterations in terms of improving the building’s elevations; but under the discussion between our team and the client, we could convince him to renovate all the interior and outdoor spaces. 

The northern and southern access to the apartment was completely different. Considering the variety of effective factors on the elevations and also the inconsistency of two facades, each side is determined to have a unique but consistent design

Regardless of all differences, some specific elements, materials and a unique color were shared on both sides, in order to provide single character for the entire building.

North Elevation

The initial northern elevation was an indented elevation. The alley, there, is narrow because of which, the building was not visible from the alley’s entrance. The openings are designed in different sides for filling the vacuity of the façade and making integrity. The different sides of the windows result in exhibiting different urban views; moreover, these oblique boxes make a three-dimensional elevation, to the extent that, a visual interaction can be created between the building and citizens. The rotation of the forms controls the rate of sunlight in northeast part.   

South Elevation

Despite the northern part, the southern alley is wider to provide a generous perspective.  A metallic net is designed in order to install a number of portable and latticed openings and plants. These elements control the rate of southern sun and confine the ability of looking to inside. These foldaway windows provide various choices of using the natural light and views.

The design team attempt was to create a unique yard to make an interactive space for different uses from all ages. 

The stones on the façade, are continued on the yard’s floor to the pavement out of the courtyard.

Besides the possibility of sitting, the benches play the role of sliding board. The playing objects make a new interaction between inhabitants.

The entrance of the yard from the alley are transparent in order to create a close connection between inside and outside.




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