Shipping and transport college brielle

Shipping and transport college brielle

architectenbureau cepezed
Brielle, Netherlands
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Shipping and transport college brielle

architectenbureau cepezed as Architects

Cost-efficient extension for practical and theoretical education at the process technique of the Shipping and Transport College in Brielle. The building has been designed as an elongated octagonal volume occupying two storeys. The upper one is a double-height storey and accommodates a practice/exercise factory with measuring and regulating equipment, among other things. The ground floor houses four classrooms. The space between the original building and the new construction has been roofed over, so that a multifunctional, unclimatized interior space has been created at little cost.

The steel skeleton of the building is based on the construction pattern of the original building. The floor of the practice factory has been designed to accept a substantial load and has been made fluid-tight in case its use alters in the future. The factory is equipped with an operating area of around 40m2 which is suitable for around ten people and is detached in the space. Stocks can be stored on the roof of the operating area.

The interior walls of the classrooms can be freely moved, so that the size of the areas can be changed according to preference. The classrooms can also be linked via large folding doors so that less staff are needed during examinations, for example. On one long side, the classrooms look out across an environment with much greenery. On the other long side, there is a wall of translucent glass which allows light in, but screens the classroom off from the adjoining, newly created interior space. The end walls of the new section have been implemented with sandwich panels and are completely closed.

By means of a sophisticated assembly system, the closed sandwich panels and the 'open' glass façades have been attached to the load-bearing construction in the same way. As a consequence, construction was rapid and simple, which restricted the labour costs. Due to the systematic set-up and industrial building technique with the use of prefab materials, it will be easy to extend the building later if required.

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