Shipping Container Student Housing

Shipping Container Student Housing

Housing and Student Housing
Catania, Italy - Conceptualization in 2012

Social Housing - Shipping Container Student Housing - “Il quartiere sostenibile”

Armando Viana Martins (AVM.A) as Architects

This project started in a coffee conversation, with other three persons related to real estate. The main idea of the brainstorm would be find something new that had not been developed yet in the local real estate sector. Something like social housing. Later we concluded that the project should follow the creation of a sustainable neighborhood for young university students, but the construction method should be different from the traditional way. Should be a fast and economic construction method. The solution was a prefabricated system, using shipping containers. This kind of solution have already been done in other countries, but not at Catania. It wasn’t a complete new idea. So the research started individualizing other similar projects, study that solutions, triyng to find a new way of using this containers, proposing something new. The preliminary project stopped before it started. Remains the some ideas of buildings of this case study and his rendering views.

Project team
Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne
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Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia - Build completed in 2014
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