Showroom Talsee AG

Showroom Talsee AG

Hochdorf, Switzerland - Build completed in 2012

Talsee Showroom

Kriskadecor as Manufacturers

For the new showroom for the bathroom furniture company Talsee, the Swiss architecture firm Burkard Meyer required an innovative installation of chains hanging from the ceiling. Following the architect’s creative brief, Kriskadecor created a new modular system for the project.

The client reception area has been installed in the central area. The varying lengths of the chains (the longest measures 7.80 meters) form a “rain passage” that separates the different functions of the showroom, creating a ‘room’ inside another one. The lighting creates a surreal and magical ambiance.

This project is exemplary of Kriskadecor’ essence; besides a custom made specific design for the project, the company did also develop an installation system to suit the space. All these processes, from the development of the product to the manufacturing methods have been conceived in-house.


Burkard Meyer Architekten BSA as Architects

The talsee pavilion is added to an an existing ensemble of fabrication and office buildings at the limit oft the town Hochdorf. Its significant position close to the main road as well as its architectural language visualise the values of the talsee brand - a manufacturer of high quality bathroom furniture.

The building is embraced by a prominent two-storey portico which spans - in a different depth on each side - a space between the surroundings and the inside. This layer is occupied by freely arranged pillars and creates the desired atmospherical distance between inside and outside and at the same time assures a high sun protection to the glass facade. This way there is no need for exterior sunblinds and the maximum transparency for the exhibition can be achieved. The reflecting pool enhances the noble appearance of the pavilion and makes it seem to float.

The visitor is approaching across a tree lined path and reaches the building over a slight ramp which leads him over the water. At the entrance he discovers the central atrium which is accented by a pending sculpture consisting of twinkling aluminium chains. Around the entrance hall are located all the functions: the exhibition space on the ground floor and also office spaces and further auxiliary functions on the first floor. The latter are combined inside a volume which extends along the south side of the hall and over two storeys, which gives the interior a spatial impression. The exhibition area consists of two different heights so there are various possibilities to use it for changing exhibitions or even for presentations with projections. The office spaces on the first floor are organised around the hall. On the south side they can be used as open-plan offices, the remaining areas can also be divided into individual offices.

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